The children of grade 3 enjoy stories with visual aids and different sounds. They particularly like stories with animals. The main theme to be conveyed at this age is the power and strength of their God. They start to understand things about heaven and death but the servant has to put it in pleasant easy words and not to scare the children from God or the Bible stories. They also have a tremendous memory capacity at this age and this is a good opportunity to memorize as much as possible from the Bible and Psalms or prayers.

Sunday School Curriculum

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Colored Picture and Activity

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Memorization Curriculum

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Hymns Curriculum

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Exceptional Student Education Curriculum

  Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
January Christ was Born in a Manger John the Baptist Baptizes Jesus Christ The First Disciples St. Maximus and St. Domatius
February The Tower of Babylon The Parable of the Net-Good and Evil People    
July   The Apostles Feast Jesus Heals a Centurion’s Servant Showing Respect for Priesthood-Korah and Dathan
August Repentance and Confession St. Youstina The Feast of the Virgin-The Appearance in Zeiton Intercession
September Thankful Leper St. Stephen Anba Barsoum Al Iryan and the Power of the Cross God Calls Moses and Gives Him Miraculous Power
October Pharaoh’s Opposition and the Ten Plagues Passover Crossing the Red Sea The Cloud and the Pillar of Light
November The Manna And The Quails Water From The Rocks Moses at the Mountain Receiving the Ten Commandments The Murmuring Of The Jews And Their Punishment
December Project (The Ark Of Covenant) The Lord Cares For His People Before The Walls Of Jericho A Memorable Day – The Sun Stood Still For Joshua Adam Is Sent Out Of The Garden of Eden (An Angel Guards The Garden)
» Holy Great Fast Week 0: Pope Kyrillos VI Week 1: The Widow’s Tow Coins Week 2: Abraham Finds a Wife to Isaac Week 3: Confirmation Week 4: Washing of the Feet Week 5: Jesus Heals a Blind Man at Bethsaida Week 6: The Power of Christ When Crucified Revealed
» Holy 50 Joyous Days Week 1: Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene Week 2: Jesus Christ Appears to His Disciples Week 3: Almsgiving: Anba Abraam Week 4: Lights Inside the Church Week 5: Ascension Week 6: Abraham is Visited by God Week 7: The Pentecost
» Filler Lessons #1: Communion #2: Simeon the Elder #3: The Angels, Their Praises And Their Services To The People #4: The Angel That Appeared To Gideon #5: The Angel That Appeared To Manoah #6: Acts of Charity – Tabitha #7: Heavenly Hosts (Cherubim, Seraphim, and the Four Incorporeal Creatures)