The students of grade 4 should know most of the Holy Bible stories and many of the saints stories by the end of this grade. They have to test the blessings of living in grace and behaving in grace. We have to offer opportunities to the students so that they may discover these aspects in the lessons and apply them. The servants should be creative in presenting the lessons in interesting means to avoid the common boardroom words used in this age.

Sunday School Curriculum

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Colored Picture and Activity

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Memorization Curriculum

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Hymns Curriculum

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Exceptional Student Education Curriculum

  Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
January Nativity Feast: The Angels and the Shepherds John the Baptist: His Self Denial and His Evangelism David Kills a Lion and a Bear St. Hilaria
February Elijah’s Prayer for No Rain Elijah and the Priests of Baal    
July   The Feast of the Apostles: John the Evangelist and the Thief The Priesthood Entertaining the Strangers: Anba Pachomius and His Faith
August Pictures and Icons The Transfiguration The Feast of the Virgin Mary: Her Departure David and Goliath
September God Cares for Gideon in His Wars The Miraculous Deeds of St. Mina and His Martyrdom Parable of the Soils The Discovery of the Cross by Empress Helene
October Samson and The Lion Parents Love – David and Absalom Love for our Neighbors – Ruth God Cares for Pope Athanasius the Apostolic
November The Good Friendship – David and Jonathan Moving The Mokattam Mount Do not be Greedy – Aulogius the Stone Cutter Healing Peter’s Mother-in-Law
December The Child Jesus Enters the Temple Raising Jairus’ Daughter Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind Angels – Ranks, Nature and Work
» Holy Great Fast Week 0: Elijah is Taken Up to Heaven Week 1: God Cared for Daniel When He Fasted (I) Week 2: God Cared for Daniel When He Fasted (II) Week 3: The Unction of the Sick Week 4: Mary and the Fragrant Oil Week 5: The Power of Christ Before and During the Crucifixion Week 6: The Power of Resurrection
» Holy 50 Joyous Days Week 1: The Lord is the Good Shepherd Week 2: The Feats of St. Mark: His Evangelism Week 3: Do Good to Those Who Offend You: David and Saul Week 4: Show Respect for the Handicapped: David and Mephibosheth Week 5: The Holy Family’s Flight to Egypt Week 6: Elijah and the Widow Week 7: The Apostles Courage and Heroism Before the Courts of Law
» Filler Lessons #1: The Structure of the Church #2: Marriage #3: The Good Counsel -Rehoboam and the Advice of the Older Men #4: Love for the House of God – Araunah the Jebusite #5: St. Paul the First Hermit #6: The Philippian Jailer #7: Daniel and the Priests of Baal