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 Pre-K Four Friends Help a Paralytic Jesus Invited to a Wedding St. Mary the Beautiful Dove Jesus Heals Blind bartimaeus
 Kindergarten The Holy Family in Egypt The Fish with the Money St. Mary and the Mountain The Angel Sets St. Peter Free
 Grade 1 The Kind Ruth Balaam and His Donkey The Baby St. Mary Love for the Church
 Grade 2 Elijah and the Son of the Widow St. Mary the Child Elisha and the Jars of Oil The Prodigal Son
 Grade 3 Repentance and Confession St. Youstina The Feast of the Virgin-The Appearance in Zeiton Intercession
 Grade 4 Pictures and Icons The Transfiguration The Feast of the Virgin Mary: Her Departure David and Goliath
 Grade 5 Aaron’s Rod Wrestling with God Jacob Marries Leah and Rachel The Agpeya
 Grade 6 Guard Yourself from Greed: Anba Arsanius and the Beans How to Develop Spiritual Habits The Virgin’s Feast: The Miracle of the Church of Atreeb St. Demiana the Martyr
 Grade 7 The Council of Chalcedon The Transfiguration Some Virtues in the Life of the Virgin The Christian Refuses Fanaticism
 Grade 8 The Book of Ruth Anger The Symbols of the Virgin in the Old Testament The Book Of Joshua The Son Of Sirach
 Grade 9 Freedom and Discipline The Titles of St. Mary The Gospel of St. John A Cloud of Witness
 Grade 10 Zeal and Enthusiasm The Eucharist The Life of the Lady Virgin St. Takla Hymanot
 Grade 11 The Book of Hosea The Second Coming The Virgin in the Coptic Liturgy The Liturgy of the Catechumens
 Grade 12 The Epistle to the Colossians (Part I) The Epistle to the Colossians (Part II) The Virgin Mary in the Coptic Church The Spiritual Value of Using the Agpeya for Praying