Week 1  Week 2  Week 3  Week 4
Pre-K The Wise Men Visit Baby Jesus Jesus Obeys His Parents The Birth of John the Baptist Jesus is Baptized
Grade 0 Christ is Born The Shepherds and the Wise Men Jesus Obeys His Parents Epiphany
 Grade 1 St. Joseph the Carpenter The Angel Guides Tobiah Elisha Protected by the Angels The Precious Pearl
 Grade 2 Epiphany: Baptizing Children The Tower of Babel God Appears to Jacob Young Joseph’s Dreams
 Grade 3 Christ was Born in a Manger John the Baptist Baptizes Jesus Christ The First Disciples St. Maximus and St. Domatius
 Grade 4 Nativity Feast: The Angels and the Shepherds John the Baptist: His Self Denial and His Evangelism David Kills a Lion and a Bear St. Hilaria
 Grade 5 Celebrating Christmas Differently Epiphany: Nicodemus and Baptism The Flight into Egypt St. Anthony the Great
 Grade 6 Simon the Elder and Prophetess Anna Why Christ is Incarnated? Epiphany: Baptism The Wedding at Cana in Galilee
 Grade 7 The Coming of the Savior Jesus Christ St. John the Baptist Jeremiah the Prophet St. Monica
 Grade 8 Nativity and Our Spiritual Life The Coptic Feasts Do Not Worship Men The Monk as a Messenger
 Grade 9 Glory to God in the Highest Proverbs The Wedding at Cana Galilee Trinitarianism and Monotheism
 Grade 10 Patrology (Study of he Early Church Fathers) God Reveals Himself (Epiphany or Theophany) The Life of Joshua (I) The Life of Joshua (II)
 Grade 11 How the Lord Prepared the World for Incarnation Marriage Baptism Prophecies Anxiety
 Grade 12 Jesus Christ is the Fulfillment of the Prophecies Love and Maturity The Epistle of Philemon The Life of Praise