Number 1 Number 2 Number 3 Number 4 Number 5 Number 6 Number 7
Pre-K Jesus Meets Zacchaeus The Angels in Heaven Bread and Fish Miracle Bread from Heaven, Water from a Rock David the Shepherd Boy The Twelve Special Friends Saint Pishoy
Kindergarten Calls Sleepy Samuel Elijah and the Raven David and Goliath Daniel in the Lions’ Den Elijah and the Widow The Rod of Aaron Balaam and the Donkey
 Grade 1 Friends of Jesus Christ Obedience – St. John the Short The Five Loaves and the Two Fish Ibrahim El Gohary House Built on the Rock David and His Friend Jonathan St. Peter Raised Tabitha
 Grade 2 The Holy Bread The Lord Forgives St. Peter The Miracle of Al-Mokattam God’s Care for the Baby Moses God cares for Daniel in the Lion’s Den Cornelius Receives the Faith Jesus Christ Loves the Children
 Grade 3 Communion Simeon the Elder The Angels, Their Praises And Their Services To The People The Angel That Appeared To Gideon The Angel That Appeared To Manoah Acts of Charity – Tabitha Heavenly Hosts (Cherubim, Seraphim, and the Four Incorporeal Creatures)
 Grade 4 The Structure of the Church Marriage The Good Counsel -Rehoboam and the Advice of the Older Men Love for the House of God – Araunah the Jebusite St. Paul the First Hermit The Philippian Jailer Daniel and the Priests of Baal
 Grade 5 Anba Pijimi Incense St. Mary the Egyptian Solomon’s Wisdom Ahab and Naboth of Jezreel St. Philip and the Ethiopian Treasurer The Rich Man and Lazarus
 Grade 6 Repentance – Moses the Great Endurance and Patience – Job Serving Others – The Good Samaritan St. Marina Receiving Holy Communion The Book of Tobias Joseph in Egypt
 Grade 7 What Can I Do Now Introduction to the Old Testament Introduction to the New Testament The Epistle of St. James How to Choose My Friends Success in the Christian Concept My Attitude toward the Sexual Instinct
 Grade 8 Social Injustice Bribery and Corruption Love is the Greatest Gift The Exile and the Book of Ezra Division in the Church of Corinth The Book of Joshua Peace in Christianity
 Grade 9 School of Alexandria Jewish Feasts The Epistle to the Galatians Gambling Deborah the Judge The Holy Bible is Free from Perversion St. Philip
 Grade 10 Substance Abuse (Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs) St. Cyril of Alexandria How to Control My Emotions Books Used in Church The Acceptable Worship St. Mina The Strong Personality
 Grade 11 Be Merciful The Holy Trinity; One Ousia, Three Hypostases St. Maurice and St. Verena Euthanasia The Beauty of the Orthodox Creed Discipleship Contentment
 Grade 12 The Book of Numbers Comparative Theology Differences between the Catholic and Orthodox Churches Winning Others to Christ The Christian and the Media Fellowship among Believers The Sacrament of Chrismation (Myron) Commitment in Spiritual Life