A six-year-old child leads a life of continuous experience, thoughts, and exciting treatment. So, Church Education attempts at helping the child to know how the Lord cares for him/her. Thus the child will respond through his love to God and his obedience to Him. The servant should be aware of the fact that the child is curious to know everything about God. Therefore, tell him that God is our Shepherd and that the Lord always cares for him, his family, his school, his church, his friends and life inside and outside the church… And here we find that a hymn that give courage and a story, which is lively, will be important and effective.

Sunday School Curriculum

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Colored Picture and Activity

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Memorization Curriculum

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Hymns Curriculum

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Exceptional Student Education Curriculum

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
January St. Joseph the Carpenter The Angel Guides Tobiah Elisha Protected by the Angels The Precious Pearl
February Jonah in the Belly of the Fish Jonah and the Plant
July Esther Becames a Queen (I) The Courage of Queen Etsther (II) St. Abanoub
August The Kind Ruth Balaam and His Donkey The Baby St. Mary Love for the Church
September The Angel Sets St. Peter Free The Nayrouz-Martyrs in Heaven God Created the World Adam in Paradise
October The Creation of Eve The Serpent’s Trick Noah in the Ark (I) Noah in the Ark (II)
November How to Pray Jesus Christ Walks on Water The Miracle of Catching Huge Amounts of Fish Healing the Sick Man of Bethesda
December Samson and the Lion Samson Losing Power The Angel Brings Good News to St. Mary The Angel and the Shepherds
» Holy Great Fast Week 0: The Child Samuel Week 1: The Sign of the Cross Week 2: The Child David the Shepherd Week 3: David Anointed King Week 4: The Lost Sheep Week 5: Healing the Blind Week 6: Children Receive Christ
» Holy 50 Joyous Days Week 1: The Angel Rolls the Stone Week 2: St. Mark in Egypt Week 3: Water from the Rock Week 4: Crossing the Jordan Week 5: The Parable of the Talents Week 6: The Parable of the Leaven Week 7: Four Men Carry the Paralytic
» Filler Lessons #1: Friends of Jesus Christ #2: Obedience – St. John the Short #3: The Five Loaves and the Two Fish #4: Ibrahim El Gohary #5: House Built on the Rock #6: David and His Friend Jonathan #7: St. Peter Raised Tabitha