Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Pre-K Elijah and the Widow Nice Woman Builds a Room for Elisha Jesus Calms the Storm Jesus Heals the Ten Lepers
Kindergarten Rebecca and Isaac Jacob and Esau Joseph and the King’s Dream Baby Moses
 Grade 1 How to Pray Jesus Christ Walks on Water The Miracle of Catching Huge Amounts of Fish Healing the Sick Man of Bethesda
 Grade 2 St. Anastasia Daniel’s Three Friends in the Furnace Jesus Calms a Storm Jesus Feeds Four Thousand People
 Grade 3 The Manna And The Quails Water From The Rocks Moses at the Mountain Receiving the Ten Commandments The Murmuring Of The Jews And Their Punishment
 Grade 4 The Good Friendship – David and Jonathan Moving The Mokattam Mount Do not be Greedy – Aulogius the Stone Cutter Healing Peter’s Mother-in-Law
 Grade 5 Honor Your Father and Mother Exploring the Promised Land Jesus Heals a Bleeding Woman The Bronze Serpent
 Grade 6 Ezra The Priest Jesus Heals the Blind Bartimaeus Jesus Heals A Paralytic The Great Flood: the Ark of Noah
 Grade 7 The Sermon on the Mount (I) The Sermon on the Mount (II) Christian Self Esteem Dating
 Grade 8 Tapers and Incense in the Church The Coptic Icon Life of Circumspection The Great Teachers of the Church
 Grade 9 The Ten Commandments – Sixth – You Shall Not Murder The Ten Commandments – The Seventh and Tenth Commandments The Ten Commandments – The Eighth And Ninth Commandment Our Bodies Are For the Lord
 Grade 10 St. Paul’s Epistle to the Philippians Yourself – Know it – Accept it – Sacrifice It A Study of the Acts of the Apostles (I) A Study of the Acts of the Apostles (II)
 Grade 11 The Christian and Mammon (Money) Abortion The Epistle of St. Paul to the Ephesians Forgiveness
 Grade 12 Atheism The Orthodox Church History Man from a Christian Prospective Cults – Jehovah’s Witnesses