Week 1  Week 2  Week 3  Week 4
Pre-K A Donkey that Speaks Jonah and the Whale
Grade 0 Jonah in the Ship Jonah in the Fish
 Grade 1 Jonah in the Belly of the Fish Jonah and the Plant
 Grade 2 God Sends Joseph to Egypt God Saves Joseph from the Prison
 Grade 3 The Tower of Babylon The Parable of the Net-Good and Evil People
 Grade 4 Elijah’s Prayer for No Rain Elijah and the Priests of Baal
 Grade 5 Life After Death-Heaven God Judges Korah
 Grade 6 Maximus and Domadius Gideon (I)
 Grade 7 Prophet Jonah and Salvation Susanna and the Second Canonical Books
 Grade 8 Saul, the Powerful King David the Prophet and the King
Grade 9 The Final Judgment The Book of Habakkuk
Grade 10 The Life of Joshua Between Triumph and Defeat Priesthood
 Grade 11 The Book of Jonah Between Science and Religion Heaven
 Grade 12 The Christian and Psychological Health Ecumenical Councils