Week 0  Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
Pre-K The Woman and the Two Coins God Cares for Us More The Lost Sheep The Paralytic at the Pool The Man Born Blind The Last Supper Jesus Enters Jerusalem
Grade 0 The Twelve Special Friends Peter Walks on Water The Paralytic Man The Lost Sheep The Great Party Lost and Found The Children Receive the Lord on Palm Sunday
 Grade 1 The Child Samuel The Sign of the Cross The Child David the Shepherd David Anointed King The Lost Sheep Healing the Blind Children Receive Christ
 Grade 2 God Makes Joseph a Great Man God Saves Jacob and His Children From Famine Joseph Forgives His Brothers Jacob Blesses His Grandsons Lord Christ Accepts Zacchaeus’ Invitation The Good Samaritan The Angel Appears to the Marys
 Grade 3 Pope Kyrillos VI The Widow’s Tow Coins Abraham Finds a Wife to Isaac Confirmation Washing of the Feet Jesus Heals a Blind Man at Bethsaida The Power of Christ When Crucified Revealed
 Grade 4 Elijah is Taken Up to Heaven God Cared for Daniel When He Fasted (I) God Cared for Daniel When He Fasted (II) The Unction of the Sick Mary and the Fragrant Oil The Power of Christ Before and During the Crucifixion The Power of Resurrection
 Grade 5 Murmuring Against God Daniel and Fasting The Prodigal Son Eli the Priest and His Sons Rehab’s Faith The Passover Lamb Marys in the Bible
 Grade 6 Gideon (II) Fasting: Esther Offering of Isaac Confession Talents: Rewarding the Hardworking Man Christ Washed His Disciples’ Feet The Holy Week
 Grade 7 I Fast and Pray as Christ Did Witnessing to the Lord in Today’s World O Lord: Forgive Me What is My Goal in Life? The Prophet Isaiah Night of the Apocalypse (Abo-Ghalamesis) Resurrection
 Grade 8 The Poor The Prayer Room Contention and the Three Kinds of Challenge Jehovah’s Witnesses The Mormons The Sabbath of Lazarus The Passion Week
Grade 9 The Old Testament Church Fasts Sacrifices in the Old Testament (I) Sacrifices in the Old Testament (II) The Forgiving Father Jesus and the Samaritan Woman Dedication of All
Grade 10 The Holy Fasting Tithes and the First Fruit Confession The Good Samaritan Baptism and Chrism Unction of the Sick The Holy Week
 Grade 11 Spiritual and Dogmatic Aspects in Lent Hindrance to Prayer Isaiah The Spiritual Fights Salvation in the Orthodox Understanding The Great Friday Night of the Apocalypse
 Grade 12 The Vanity of the World-Ecclesiastes Monasticism Overview of the Pauline Epistles (I) Overview of the Pauline Epistles (II) My Need for Jesus Christ The Redeeming Suffering of Our Lord Jesus Christ The Trip of the Holy Week