Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7
Pre-K Jesus Christ Is Risen! Jesus Appears to His Friends Fish for Breakfast Jesus Loves the Children Jesus Visits Mary and Martha Jesus Goes Up to Heaven The Holy Spirit on Pentecost Day
Grade 0 The Happiest Day Jesus and St. Thomas House on the Rock Angels Jesus Appears to St. Paul Ascension Pentecost
 Grade 1 The Angel Rolls the Stone St. Mark in Egypt Water from the Rock Crossing the Jordan The Parable of the Talents The Parable of the Leaven Four Men Carry the Paralytic
 Grade 2 Anba Sarabamun God Gives Moses the Ten Commandments Ascension Day The Sheep and the Goats Prayer: Anba Shenouda St. Bishoy Washes Christ’s Feet The Lord Christ Appears to St. Paul
 Grade 3 Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene Jesus Christ Appears to His Disciples Almsgiving: Anba Abraam Lights Inside the Church Ascension Abraham is Visited by God The Pentecost
 Grade 4 The Lord is the Good Shepherd The Feats of St. Mark: His Evangelism Do Good to Those Who Offend You: David and Saul Show Respect for the Handicapped: David and Mephibosheth The Holy Family’s Flight to Egypt Elijah and the Widow The Apostles Courage and Heroism Before the Courts of Law
 Grade 5 Observe the Lord’s Day and Keep it Holy St. John the Apostle Friendship Simon and Sorcery Demetrius, the Vinedresser Hannah the Mother of Samuel King Hezekiah
 Grade 6 The Lord Appeared While They Were Catching Fish St. George the Martyr St. Mark’s Feast TV and the Internet The Angel Saves Lot from Sodom: God’s Care for His Children Treating Others Well: Abigail and David The Child Jesus Enters the Temple
 Grade 7 How to Study? The Effect of Media Who is the Poor Man? How to Benefit from the Holy Bible? The Glories of the Feast of the Holy Ascension The Church After the Apostolic Era God Calls St. Paul
 Grade 8 Christ Appears After Resurrection The Preaching of St. Mark Christ Imparts Faith to the Two Disciples of Emmaus St. John the Beloved The Book of Revelation (I) The Book of Revelation (II) The Holy Spirit is at Work With US
Grade 9 The Power of Resurrection David’s Sins, Results and Repentance The Value of Time Translations of the Old Testament Translations of the New Testament Closing the Generations Gap How to Deal With My Brothers and Sisters?
Grade 10 Feast of the Resurrection The Effect of the Softly Spoken Word Role of Women in the Church (Old Testament) The Role of Women in the Church (New Testament) How Can I Benefit From the Summer Holiday Ascension and Pentecost St. Peter, Seal of the Martyrs
 Grade 11 Resurrection The Life of Fellowship History of The Liturgy The Meeting Between Elijah and Ahab The Second Meeting Between Elijah and Ahab The Third Meeting Between Elijah and Ahab A Meeting with the Messengers of Ahaziah
 Grade 12 The Resurrection and the Divinity of Christ The First Epistle of St. John (Part I) The First Epistle of St. John (Part II) Judge Not Others The Feasts of the Coptic Orthodox Church The Book of Acts The Pentecost in our Lives as Young Adults